Take Strength Fellow Traveler!

Take strength fellow traveler! GOD USES BROKEN THINGS!

Perhaps like me you are a feeling a bit broken in body and spirit, and maybe like me you have overheard a conversation about some famous or rich or extremely gifted person that went like this, “Wow! God could really use a person like that.”

Really? Is our Creator Redeemer looking for people who have it all together? Is he looking for the strong and the proud and famous?

Shaman’s Fire (Needle Rock Press)

A singer, a death, a shaman…what has Sayla Whitewater gotten herself into?

KINDLE version here.

Shaman’s Fire is a modern-day suspense story of a young Native American woman who struggles to find her identity as she moves between the ancient traditions of her people and the beliefs of the merging white world. She discovers magic in the shaman’s fire but, too late, she discovers such magic demands a price.

Shaman’s Fire is a story of choices and how the known world can change in an instant.

It’s a story of injustice…

a story of heartbreak…

and a story of restoration.