It is for Freedom that Christ has set us free!

It is for freedom that Creator Yahweh (Christ) has set us free!

He does not ask any great thing of us. He asks only that we love him and love others.

Why do we make such a hard thing of it and put ourselves under bondage? Let us walk in freedom! Let us rejoice that he has reduced all the rules to only two and has also given us his Holy Spirit power to walk in what the Beauty Way.

Stand at the Crossroads!

CONFUSED? WEARY? Our Great Chief and Captain will give rest.

It is when we take matters in our own hands that we find ourselves rushing down paths that lead to no good and we find ourselves exhausted beyond hope.

But there is hope, warrior, Creator Yahweh will shine his Light on the right path if we will stand and wait for His direction. Listen for his whispered voice saying, “This is the way, walk in it.”